Uber Promo Code for First Free Ride

Get a Free Ride in Atlanta With Uber Code: uberatl99

  (New Users only, Code is for 22$ redemption)

Frequently Asked Questions About This Promo Code-

  1. How long of a ride can I get.

The Uber promo code is worth 22$ USD (at last time checked).

In any case, you’ll get a pretty long ride with Uber, especially if you use UberX which is typically 15-20% cheaper than most cabs, and you don’t need to tip.

2.  Where Can I use it?

You can use this Uber code anywhere in Atlanta, or in Georgia, or in fact anywhere in the world.  However, the redemption amount varies by city and country.

3.  How many people fit into an Uber?

UberX carries 4 people, but UberXL and UberSUV can carry more people.  I recommend UberXL for a budget SUV Option.

Uber in Atlanta: 7 Reasons to Sign up Now

Uber is changing the way people go around in almost every place in the world. With Uber, all it takes to get a vehicle to pick you up and drop you off is to open the app on your smarphone and make a few clicks.

While Uber has been operating in Atlanta since 2012, you may still be clueless on why you would rather ride an Uber vehicle than the old reliable taxi. Here are seven good reasons why you should sign up now and order for an Uber vehicle:

  1. Uber will soon be allowed to pick you up at the Atlanta airport

By July 1, you can be picked up by an Uber vehicle at the Atlanta airport. This is after the Atlanta City Council committee legalized Uber X pickups at the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.

The busiest airport in the world will soon be serviced by Uber following increased pressure from travelers who want to get a ride using an app at a lower cost than a cab.

  1. It’s very convenient.

With Uber, gone are the days that you will have to walk a busy intersection so that you can flag down a taxi. Or no more need to line up to get a ride that will take you from the mall to your home.

All you need is to click your phone, open the Uber app, and summon a car. If you hate hailing for a taxi cab, then sign up for Uber now and you won’t have to run after a cab again.

  1. No more tipping woes

Do you always get angry getting remarks from a cab driver after handing a fairly low tip? Or do you often struggle determining if you should give a driver a tip especially after you were not satisfied with his attitude?

You don’t need to deal with those problems when you sign up for Uber. After all, there’s really no pressure for you to tip the Uber driver. All the payment is handled at the end of the ride via your credit card bill.

Although Uber has announced that it plans to include a tipping option to its app, you’re still not obligated to give a tip until those plans come to fruition.

  1. It’s cheaper

Uber has always been preferred by the riding public around the world because it is cheaper than taxis. Taking an Uber vehicle can let you save up to 50 percent in expenses compared to taking a cab.

For example, you will only pay around $14 if you take an Uber vehicle from the Atlanta Airport and have yourself dropped off at Georgia State University. But you will pay around $29 if you take the cab.

Uber has also been very receptive when it comes to the clamor of its riders for rate reductions. In the summer of 2014, it cut down rates in Atlanta by 25 percent.

uber promo code atlanta

  1. You can split the fare

Another reason why a lot of commuters in Atlanta opt to take an Uber vehicle is that they can always split the fare with their friends, officemates, or neighbor conveniently.

With Uber, there’s more guilt feeling that you weren’t able to split the fare with your friend or colleague.  The app itself lets you share the fare with your companion. Thus you can save on the expenses when you sign up for Uber.

  1. Drivers are more courteous

The days of having to deal with an impolite and crass taxi driver would be gone when you sign up for Uber. When you order for a ride from Uber, you can be rest assured that a professional and nicely dressed driver. The driver will even help you open the door and put your bags in the trunk.  Uber drivers are rated by their customers, so you would likely have an idea on the type of driver you’re getting with Uber.

  1. It’s safe

Lastly, your Uber trip is tracked via GPS. From the very moment that you are picked up by the Uber vehicle to the time you are dropped off, everything is tracked by Uber’s app. This gives your loved ones the peace of mind they may not be able to enjoy when you take a cab.